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Who needs a manifesto?

By Bridget Osborne

Who needs a manifesto? 1 May 2018

As I was writing this yesterday, the Labour party in Hounslow still hadn’t published their manifesto for the local elections in two days’ time. Bit last minute. Why bother now? Their poor candidates have been campaigning their socks off for weeks. Is this a major scandal or does it just show you that manifestos aren’t worth the paper they’re written on?

Leader of the Labour group Steve Curran says “We have been campaigning on our Labour values which are well known and we published our five key pledges some time ago. These have appeared in our election literature”.

As to why the full manifesto has taken so long, he says: “It was delayed because we spent a long time engaging with our members to ensure the manifesto is as inclusive as possible”. I wonder if that’s another way of saying there were major disagreements. You can see the Labour manifesto here (added in the nick of time before pressing ‘send’!)

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