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Vine v Biddolph war of words

By Bridget Osborne

Vine v Biddolph war of words 23 July 2019

The increasingly acrimonious spats in social media over Cycleway 9 have tipped over into the personal. 

Cllr Joanna Biddolph tweeted:

‘Another case of ‘never let the truth get in the way of a good story’. Others on Twitter today incl one saying I was “stand-offish” meeting a #Chiswick resident (we shook hands) and shouted at him – after he passed me, he told me I was wrong on CS9; I responded that he was’.

The TV and radio personality and star of Strictly Come Dancing replied thus:

‘I thought you called something at me — not ‘shouted’ in aggressive sense — I honestly didn’t hear what it was. But in truth, Joanna, I think you should have smiled at least. Whatever our disagreements, we are neighbours. I was impressed by how pleasant @Barr2018 was when we met’.

Then Cllr Gabriella Giles waded in (from somewhere in Russia):

‘Right, cos a man telling a woman to smile is not seen as a form of harassment’

To which Vine replied: 

‘Wow. Just wow.

‘And it’s fine to be standoffish of course. You are fighting to ensure a cycle path isn’t built and that’s is a very serious matter, Gabriella, because you are taking responsibility for the state of the High Road and the safety of people who cycle down it’.

Is anyone else beginning to wish they’d never heard of CS9?

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