Tree Planting – Harvard Hill Park

9.30am – 2.00pm, Monday 26 November

Harvard Hill Park (just as you come off the M4, on the south side of the A4, opposite the Russian Orthodox cathedral – see map below)

Abundance London is organising tree planting in what is currently quite a featureless park beside the A4 and wants your help with planting. The idea is to create a ‘shelter belt’ – a line of trees and shrubs to create a bit of a barrier to the noise and pollution of the road and to provide a habitat for wildlife, particularly birds. After taking advice from the Woodland Trust and local tree expert Steve Pocock, Abundance London has selected a ‘wild wood’ and ‘wild life’ mix which includes blackthorn, downy birch, silver birch, common oak, crab apple, goat willow (pussy willow), hawthorn, hazel, holly, rowan and three redwood trees.

You are invited to come along to help. If you can, please bring a spade, shovel and / or wheelbarrow. Wearing gloves, sturdy shoes and waterproof clothing is advised. Failing that just come along and encourage the planters! Abundance (a charitable trust) has organised this in association with The Woodland Trust, LBH Parks’ Department, Falcons School for Boys and Grove Park School.

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