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Tickets for Brentford FC’s new stadium go on sale after Christmas

By Bridget Osborne

Tickets for Brentford FC’s new stadium go on sale after Christmas 24 October 2018

Brentford Football Club has announced that tickets for premium seats to watch football in the new stadium will go on sale from the beginning of next year. The club recently took the decision to finish the 2019/20 season at Griffin Park and celebrate its 130th anniversary there rather than trying to swap grounds mid-season. Season tickets for the 2020/21 season at the new ground won’t go on sale until later in the year, probably in September 2019.

The new stadium is beginning to take shape. The steel frame and terracing for the south stand has started to be installed and the physical structure of the stadium is now clearly visible.

Construction company Ecoworld has also completed the initial foundations and structural works for the Central Eastern and Central Southern residential sites. There are 231 homes being built on the Central Eastern site, 256 on Central Southern and 253 on Capital Court.

Over the next three months the steel frames for the south, east and west stands will be erected, with the new terracing installed along the frame section by section. Work will commence on the north stand, the roof and the façade of the new stadium, while drainage works will continue along Lionel Road South. Bridge abutments are being introduced during this month to link the site to Capital Interchange Way, which will support the installation of a bridge over the railway lines in early 2019.

At a meeting of the football club, the construction company and local residents, Sally Stephens from Brentford FC’s Project Team also said that the team had recently held constructive meetings with South Western Railway and that they were putting together a joint proposal for funding for better access to the stadium