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Rupa Huq calls for a second Brexit referendum

By Bridget Osborne

Rupa Huq calls for a second Brexit referendum 10 April 2018

Rupa Huq MP has called for a second referendum on Brexit. The Labour MP for Ealing Central and Acton does not use the ‘R’ word, but in an article for Business Insider she writes:

‘If the cost of Brexit reaches a point where the British people decide it’s not worth it, then they’re perfectly entitled to change their minds about whether it’s the right path. No politician and no government can insist otherwise. The future of the country is for the people to decide’.

You can see the whole article here.

Lib Dems oppose Brexit

Rupa does not reflect her party’s line in calling for a second referendum. The only major party whose public policy it is that British should be given the chance to vote on whatever deal Theresa May reaches with the EU, remains the Liberal Democrats.

Unsurprisingly, this is a major plank of the Lib Dem campaign locally. The Ealing Lib Dems have just launched their manifesto:

‘As the Liberal Democrats are the only party currently represented on Ealing Council who oppose Brexit and are calling on local people to use their vote to send a strong signal to Theresa May that they oppose her version of a hard Brexit’.

As well as pushing for an Exit from Brexit, Liberal Democrats on Ealing Council have promised to push for:

  • Weekly street cleaning
  • A safer Ealing by not closing police stations
  • Protection of local health services by not downgrading or closing our hospitals
  • The provision of truly affordable homes and social housing
  • Engagement with residents and tough negotiation with developers
  • The development of Ealing as a flagship dementia-friendly borough
  • The prevention of an expansion of Heathrow Airport
  • The prevention of unfair Council Tax increases

Image of Boris Johnson on Rupa’s turf during the last general election campaign

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