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Parking mayhem

By Bridget Osborne

Parking mayhem 22 May 2018

There are now at least four petitions circulating in Grove Park and Strand on the Green on the issue of parking. The issue has come to a head because in previous consultations Strand on the Green voted to become a Controlled Parking Zone but Grove Park didn’t. The result is that vehicles which don’t have permits park in Grove Park where parking is still free. It’s been the case for some time that if you’re not home and tucked in your house by 7.00pm you are doomed to drive around the neighbourhood looking for a space a couple of streets away and now the most recent introduction of CPZ has meant that the game of musical chairs goes on during the day as well.

This has been compounded by gas works in Sutton Court Rd and street cleaning. Residents in Riverview Rd and Grove and Wilmington Avenue found their street plastered with a rash of parking tickets. One Riverview Rd resident, a pensioner and cancer survivor for whom mobility is an issue, came back from a trip to find her car had been ticketed while she was away. These tickets are now being contested on the basis that there was only three days’ notice. But the real issue is that there’s nowhere else to move the cars to.


One petition is to bring in CPZ in Grove Park Gardens. Another is to get CPZ suspended on Strand-on-the Green. There’s one about traffic calming on Sutton Court Road and one on getting a short term suspension of CPZ in Sutton Court to relieve parking during Gas repairs.

Many people in Grove Park who voted against the introduction of CPZ in their area now feel it is being forced upon them because of the decision by Strand on the Green residents. Chairman of the Strand On The Green Residents Association Richard Griffin says “Zone 1 was the only one to vote by a majority for the introduction of a CPZ despite the other Zones being asked by the Council to reconsider their veto in the event that a CPZ was approved in a neighbouring Zone. Zone 2 realised after the introduction of the CPZ into Zone 1 that they would suffer parking migration and made an early application and now has its CPZ. Zone 3 need to apply direct to the Council for a new Consultation to be held as time has lapsed from the original. From our experience in Zone 1 this will take in the order of 12/18 months for the Consultation and subsequent CPZ to be introduced”.

Cllr Sam Hearn says he has already been working on this, as it was becoming obvious that there would be parking chaos, but even if Grove park residents voted for CPZ he can’t see the process working through until at least April 2019.

New Riverside councillor Gabriella Giles says she is collecting residents’ comments and invites anyone affected to email her with their views at

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