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Outrage over pop up Christmas tree vendor

By Bridget Osborne

Outrage over pop up Christmas tree vendor 22 December 2017

Pines & Needles, Acton Green Common

Pines & Needles has appeared on Acton Green Common, to the great annoyance of local trader Spencer Wheeler. Spencer runs Wheelers Garden Centre, tucked away beside Turnham Green tube station. Most of their trade at this time of year is in Christmas trees. He is ‘disgusted’ that Ealing council has allowed them to set up for just four weeks, creaming off some of the Christmas trade which helps local businesses like Wheelers and High Rd fruit and veg stall holders Collins to survive in Chiswick the rest of the year.

Wheelers Garden Centre, Turnham Green Terrace

Support local businesses

‘We need this month to struggle through January and February’ says Spencer. ‘I don’t think it’s fair that the council allows them to be here for just four weeks while we have to battle on, paying business rates and so on’. He plans to write to local MP Rupa Huq to ask for her support to stop this happening again next year and asks for our support.

Pines and Needles is open from 8.00am – 9.00pm and buy in bulk, but it might not work out cheaper buying your tree from them. Pines and Needles charge £5 for a wooden block to stand them on and £15 for delivery, whereas Wheelers provide both for free.

10% off Wheelers Christmas trees and decorations with a Chiswick Calendar club card

And then of course there’s The Chiswick Calendar club card. Club card holders get 10% off Christmas trees from Wheelers. And if we want to continue to be able to buy bedding plants in the spring, cut flowers from Wheelers florist and other services like landscape gardening the rest of the year, we’d better get behind them and support them.

Wheelers Garden Centre, Turnham Green Terrace

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