Candidates standing in the local elections in Turnham Green ward


Ruth Mayorcas

Ruth Mayorcas has lived in Chiswick for 44 years. “I campaign against social injustice attending marches, demonstrations, writing to MPs, Council Officers and Councillors when I see things which are happening which have to be challenged”. She campaigns for safer cycling and has been a volunteer for the Youth Offending Service for several years. “I will campaign for better funding for Youth Centres to prevent closures such as Hogarth.”

John Stroud-Turp

John Stroud-Turp has lived in the Turnham Green ward for 24 years.
“For too long Chiswick has suffered from representation by Tory Councillors most of whom seem to have little interest in the needs of those who live and work in Chiswick; they seem intent on frustrating and criticising the efforts of the council rather than working constructively for a better Borough”. If elected he says he will seek to ensure that “long term issues are addressed with sustainable solutions not short term fixes”.

Peter Burgess

Peter Burgess is a teacher at a state comprehensive in Hammersmith. “I daily see children’s aspirations being thwarted by educational spending cuts and exorbitant tuition fees… young people struggling to study whilst acting as carers for other family members because of the decline in healthcare services … parents who are doing their very best to give their children a start in life whilst coping with low-pay, zero hours contracts, and impossibly long working days… I now want to play my part in promoting Labour values, in helping to defend and build stronger public services.”


Joanna Biddolph

Joanna Biddolph has lived in Chiswick for 32 years. “I’m standing out of a sense of frustration” she says. “I’m irritated that Hounslow Council sees us as sources of cash rather than as residents paying for services; services that frequently fall below expectations”. She is a self-employed reputation crisis management consultant and has previously worked in politics, lobbying and corporate communications and as an occasional journalist.

Ron Moshiso

Ron Moshiso lives “the other side of Chiswick roundabout”, spent his early teens in a foster home in Chiswick and returned to work locally some years later. “As a fostered child, I understand the importance of social care and social services. That is why I am outraged about the current proposals to cut funding for youth services”. He is a PE Teacher at a local school, Head Coach at Old Emanuel Rugby Club and as a former professional rugby player.

Ranjit Gill

Ranjit Gill has lived in the borough of Hounslow for nearly 30 years. As a certified accountant, he stresses the need for financial accountability. “We need value for our money and more openness and accountability”… “I would like to make sure that the council is responsible to all the residents in the borough and I would scrutinise whatever needs to be looked at to make sure that we get proper services and everything is accountable”.

Liberal Democrat


Helen Cross

Helen has lived in Chiswick for over 15 years. She is a businesswoman who has built a successful career in technology and the digital economy. New to politics, Helen was prompted into action in 2016 due to the explosion of illiberal discourse around the Brexit referendum and the election of Trump. Helen was drawn to the Liberal Democrats’ pro Remain stance and strong position on tolerance and social justice, particularly in standing up for EU citizens’ rights.

Chris Gillie

Chris has lived in Brentford for 11 years, working as an IT Manager, and has had a successful career managing IT in small and medium sized organisations. Witnessing increasingly polarised politics, Chris decided to do more than just vote, and following the Brexit vote, decided to join the only remaining moderate voice in UK Politics. Being a dual national, he also supported Macron and En Marche in the 2017 French Elections.

Leigh Edwards

Leigh has lived in Chiswick for fifteen years, he is a chartered accountant. Along with many others, he was dismayed and appalled by the intolerance of the rhetoric in the lead up to the EU referendum. Leigh is committed to an open, tolerant and fair society, investing in public services and ensuring everyone is given the opportunities to meet their potential, and to live their lives free of fear, prejudice or discrimination.

Unsure as to which ward you’re in? Here’s the map of the Turnham Green ward

Turnham Green ward

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Where: St Peter’s Church, Southfield Road, W4

What: The Chiswick Calendar is organising a ‘speed dating’ event so that you can come and meet the candidates standing in your ward and spend a little quality time with them all, one on one, to find out what they think about the issues you care about most. No need to book a place, just turn up.

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