Candidates standing in the local elections in Homefields ward



Nick Fitzpatrick

Nick Fitzpatrick is a Homefields resident. He was a working class child who went to Oxford University and became a lawyer. “I am ashamed that the prospects for a child doing what I did from my background are worse now than when I grew up”… “I want to get stuck into some case work” … “if (electors) want a voice on local issues, they need locally resident councillors on the ‘inside of the tent’ in a Labour local authority, not part of some rump of disgruntled Tories”.

Caoimhe Hale

Caoimhe Hale has lived in Chiswick all her life. She is a third year University of Manchester English Literature and Drama student who has been campaigning for the Labour party since she was 13. “I want to move from the politics of protest, to the politics of action, by getting involved in the council” … “I believe in accountability to my ward, and frank and open discourse about how to represent Labour values at a local level”.

Dave Waller

Dave Waller set up the Brentford and Hounslow Stop Heathrow Expansion group a year ago with Ruth Cadbury MP. “I have spent my life fighting to protect public services and the environment”…“If Theresa May is allowed to go ahead with her plan Turnham Green will be under the new flightpath and the area will be blighted by aircraft noise and increased air pollution. I believe Hounslow council needs to be more vocal in its opposition to Heathrow expansion and become a champion for green economic growth”.



Patrick Barr

Patrick Barr is a Registered General Nurse and currently works as a nurse in West London. “Previously I was a Charge Nurse in A&E and I still work in A&E as required”. He says he will campaign for more GP surgeries locally for a growing and ageing population and will hold Hounslow Council to account with the resurfacing of roads and pavements. He promises that if he is elected he will be “a strong advocate for the local community”.

Cllr Gerald McGregor

Gerald McGregor has been councillor for Homefields for 14 years, specialising in Budget and Finance. He says his career as a chartered accountant has really helped him: “I am able to navigate my way through highly complex Council Budget papers and the constant demands of being a Director of Hounslow Homes. The key is to maintain a follow up – whether you are preparing case work responses or scrutinising the decisions of the administration”.

Cllr John Todd

John Todd has lived in Chiswick for 33 years and been councillor for Homefields for the last 12. During his time as a Councillor he has chaired the Pension Fund Panel and says he has “actively involved myself in Hounslow Council’s Audit Work, Overview and Scrutiny Committee, the Planning Committee, Chiswick Area Forum and others”… “I’m fortunate to have a reputation of responding promptly to constituents and businesses alike and getting things done”.

Liberal Democrat


Alice Bailhache

Alice is a trainee solicitor, who has lived in Chiswick for the past 6 years. She joined the Lib Dems in 2015, and campaigned with ‘Britain Stronger In Europe’ in the 2016 referendum.

Alex Fox

Originally hailing from Southwark, Alex was drawn to local politics inspired by the overwhelmingly positive, moderate and liberal influence the Southwark Lib Dem group made when running the council with other parties. Having lived in Chiswick for the last 5 years, Alex is now a trainee Music teacher and is particularly supportive of Liberal Democrat education policy, in particular Pupil Premium – a policy that he believes truly delivers on the core liberal value of Opportunity for Everyone.

Charles Rees

Retired barrister and senior court official. Lib Dem activist, (member since 1983). Charles has in fact been a member of all three parties; ‘left the Tories because of their social policies, and Labour because of their drift to the left in the 1980s – they haven’t changed!’ Charles is standing for the Lib Dems because new ideas are needed in Hounslow – Labour has grown complacent and the Tory opposition grown tired. ‘We need to look at new ways of making life better in Chiswick, by reducing pollution and improving traffic flows, for example. Also making sure that Chiswick gets its fair share of Hounslow Council resources. Lib Dem principles of openness, fairness and tolerance can apply just as well in Chiswick and Hounslow as they can across the country’.

Green Party


Maggie Winkworth

As a counselling psychologist Maggie is particularly interested in the support and development of local mental health services and community projects which currently struggle to survive, let alone expand, as is urgently needed.

Martin Bleach

Martin is an IBM Mainframe (System z) specialist & Green Party activist – regionally for London and locally in Hounslow. Campaigning to improve London’s air quality is high on his agenda.

Nicole Ruduss



Iain Howell

Ian Howell is standing for the new party ‘set up by a group of independent candidates who stood in the June election 2017 on a campaign to Rethink Brexit, Renew Britain. Building on mass disaffection with existing political parties, Renew has enjoyed overwhelming support for its centrist agenda to address inequality and create a new vision for modern Britain – from a position of strength as a full EU member.’

They are campaigning to stop Brexit – to hold another referendum.

They want Britain to become an ‘innovation superpower’:  ‘We will invest in infrastructure and research labs in vital technologies, such as batteries, biotechnology and artificial intelligence to create the wealth to revolutionise opportunity and fund high quality public services’.

Sustainable public finances. They believe the only way to sustainably fund our public services and stop debt increasing is that we pay ‘moderately’ more tax.

Unsure as to which ward you’re in? Here’s the map of the Chiswick Homefields ward

Chiswick Homefields

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