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Jo Coburn interviews Gina Miller

7.30pm Tuesday 19 March

The Boston Room, George IV, Chiswick High Rd, London W4 2DR

Jo Coburn, presenter of the BBC’s Politics Live programme interviews Gina Miller, who forced the UK Government to be democratically accountable over Brexit. She brought the court case which forced the Government to go through parliament in order to trigger Article 50. At the time she said it was not the idea of Brexit that filled her with dread but the idea of an unchallenged, unanswerable government taking us back to 1610 (by using royal prerogative rather than parliamentary authority) and “ripping a hole through our democratic structures”.

The decision to leave the European Union has proved deeply divisive, has thrown the UK parliament into chaos, as there appears to be no concensus on any option for leaving, and for Gina the court case has thrust her into the limelight and brought death threats. For those who voted Remain and support a People’s Vote she symbolises independence and common sense. Jo Coburn talks Brexit and its implications for Britain with Gina Miller.

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