Life coaching with Corinna at Corbiere Coaching

Would you like to return to work after a break looking after children? Do you need to brush up on your leadership skills? Are you juggling career and family commitments? Would you like support with developing a business plan? Maybe you feel like you’re at a crossroads and unfulfilled but don’t quite know what is missing from your life? Well, coaching can help!

Corinna McShane is a qualified and accredited life coach who launched her Chiswick based practice, Corbiere Coaching, after a twenty year marketing career with major brands including the BBC and British Airways. Corbiere Coaching delivers life coaching for personal development and CPD Accredited Executive coaching for senior executives and small business owners.

Rather than sharing inspirational quotes and newsletters, Corinna prefers to channel her energies into providing a tailored, professional and individual service. If this approach sounds good to you, contact Corinna to arrange a complimentary introduction session to discuss your requirements and her rates.

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• 10% discount – ‘Three Month Life Coaching Package’
• 10% discount – ‘Four Month Executive Coaching Package’

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