Leader of Labour councillors defends record

By Steve Curran

Cllr Hearn’s article on Hounslow Council displays the usual Tory trick of distorting the facts for their own political benefit. There are numerous inaccuracies. Labour has secured 3000 new affordable homes, including 400 council homes ahead of schedule during the current administration and building on this success, the Council has recently approved a new 4 year target to deliver 4000 new affordable homes by 2022. There will be no ‘poor doors’ that the Conservatives refer to, which is frankly offensive given the assault the Tory Government has inflicted on those struggling to survive in the face of savage Government cuts.

Since waste and recycling services were brought in house in 2016, recycling levels in the borough have now increased to 33.3% and are on target to hit 50% in the coming years. We also made a multi-million pound investment in a new state of the art recycling centre which will benefit residents for many years to come, and we recently held a public Open Day of the facility for residents which was extremely well-attended.

It should also be noted that Cllr Hearn does not mention the collapse of Carillion, and that the services previously provided by Carillion (libraries, parks, cemeteries and allotments) have all transferred smoothly to our Council-owned companies or directly to the Council.

As an accredited London Living Wage employer, staff who transferred to our wholly-owned Council companies all receive the London Living Wage; something we are very proud of.

Cllr Hearn is aware of the terrible record of the past Tory-led coalition which is why it is interesting to note whether he supports his own party at this time or another, as his name was among those supporting the nomination of an opposing candidate of the Polish Pride party in his own ward. You cannot trust the opinion of someone who doesn’t even support his own party 100%.

In light of the above, it is not surprising that Cllr Hearn’s article is confused to say the least.

Cllr Steve Curran is leader of the Labour group on Hounslow Council

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