Last week of the Chiswick Curve Public Inquiry

By Bridget Osborne

Last week of the Chiswick Curve Public Inquiry 3 July 2018

The Public Inquiry into the proposed development of the Chiswick Curve continues this week and is scheduled to end on Friday 6 July with a closing submission from the developer Starbones.

Last week the architect Christophe Egret outlined his vision for the building, causing some mirth among residents who oppose the 32 storey skyscraper when he compared it to the Palm House in Kew Gardens. Describing the way in which he was using curves to create the effect of softening the light and pixillating the edges of the building, he told the Inquiry that comparing the two was ‘a little bit of a jump, but I’m thinking in the same way’.

‘A new urban layer’

He also made it clear that the Curve would not be standing out on the skyline alone. There would, he said be ‘a new urban layer’ added to Chiswick as ‘the landscape is being redrawn by a number of developments’.

East Brentford is the subject of a great deal of development in various stages of the planning process. He told the Inquiry ‘You have to go a little bit taller to make sense of developments’ (in east Brentford).

Does it make sense or is it madness to allow this development? Hounslow Council refused planning permission on the grounds that the Curve was too big and has also refused permission for another of the proposed buildings in this area. Have a look at the developers’ ‘vision’ in site plans, CGI and the architect’s model in the This Is Chiswick section of The Chiswick Calendar website.

Planning Inspector Paul Griffiths has until early September to make his report, which will then go to the Secretary of State for a decision.

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