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Is now the right time to sell your house?

Guest blog by James Waight,
Manager of John D Wood in Chiswick, which sponsors The Chiswick Calendar

Is now the right time to sell your house? 27 December 2018

Welcome to our first Chiswick property market update. This is an overview of what we are currently experiencing in the local market.

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Brexit and the numerous negative headlines relating to the London property market, we have had an extremely encouraging few months leading up to Christmas. In November we have agreed the sale of six properties, which have ranged from one bedroom flats to four bedroom houses. Many of these purchasers were keen to secure a property before the New Year and take advantage of the record low mortgage rates.

We recently completed on a property in Grove Park within seven weeks from instruction to completion, achieving 95% of its asking price which was a phenomenal result. This just shows, with the right pricing and marketing strategy, the process of selling your home in Chiswick can still be swift and without complication. Another success from last month was agreeing the sale of a house in Bedford Park for 99% of its asking price. I believe that many purchasers are starting to recognise that this is a great time to buy and if they delay and wait to see what happens after Brexit, it is likely they will be paying more money. I have to say that I myself fall into this category, I am currently selling my flat and although I am selling for far less than I would like, I am happy to accept the reduction because the properties I want to buy have come down just as much in price if not more!

For those who are not yet ready to take the plunge and market their home but would like to move in the near future we have a soft marketing approach that has proved to be extremely popular in 2018 and will no doubt continue in 2019. The premise of this approach is to not externally advise your home but only introduce it to specific buyers registered with John D Wood & Co. We have recently agreed a number of sales with this off-market approach in the last few months, so if you are not actively registered with us and are searching for a property to purchase feel free to get in touch. If you are considering selling and would prefer a soft-marketing approach then we would be happy to talk you through the process.

If you are interested in selling or curious about the value of your property we would be very happy to offer you a no obligation complimentary market appraisal. Feel free to get in touch as we will be open between Christmas and New Year. We hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year!

Photograph below – John D Wood’s Chiswick team, with James on the left. Photograph above – Chiswick Street by Anna Kunst.

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