Hogarth Singers

The Hogarth Singers is a chamber choir in Chiswick which evolved from a choir set up in IBM called The Meistersingers in the early 1980s. It is a registered charity with the intention of promoting a love of choral music and developing public education in the art and science of music in all its aspects by presenting public concerts and recitals. Membership ranges between 50 – 60 people and they sing a wide range of choral music, both sacred and secular. They have built a good reputation for presenting high quality performances in a friendly atmosphere.

They sing three concerts each year but also organise other activities which enable the choir to sing in a new setting and to enjoy some more sociable experiences not always involving singing. They are a non-auditioning choir although the music director will check any new member’s voice. It is, however, very useful to have some choral experience and the ability to read music is most beneficial.

For more information email them at: hogarthsingers@gmail.com or call Hogarth Singers chairman Sue on 07880 600991.


Hogarth Singers’ 30th anniversary concert.

The Hogarth Singers and Belmont Primary School.

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