Free tour of Fuller’s Griffin Brewery

Visit the historic brewing site where the UK’s finest premium cask ale, London Pride, is made. Chiswick has been home to a brewery for over 600 years, with the Fuller, Smith & Turner partnership forming in 1845.

This tour will tell the story of how the brewery was formed and how it has developed, as well as showing you the genuine working brewery where over 50 beers are brewed to this day. Finishing with a sampling of a wide range of Fullers beers, ciders and soft drinks ensures the visit is well worth it.

Tours run Monday to Saturday at 11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm & 3pm and advanced online booking is essential. This exclusive Chiswick Calendar discount code will mean a free tour on any of those days (only the booking fee is applicable), for up to four people. So take this opportunity to discover a unique part of your local community.

To book a tour follow this link and after clicking ‘buy now’ use the discount code: ChiswickCalendar (no space between the two words). Whether you go on a tour or not, your Club Card will get you 10% off purchases in the on-site shop. Take your Club Card with you to show on arrival.

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