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Fullers London Pride backs Pride

By Bridget Osborne

Fullers London Pride backs Pride 3 July 2018

It’s enough to have Quentin Crisp and Bernard Manning spinning in their graves. Fuller’s has announced that it is supporting the other London Pride on 7 July 2018 by becoming the parade’s official beer partner.

It’s either very clever marketing (if you Google London Pride the top two items are about the parade, with the beer at No.3 so why not capitalise on it?) or a long overdue acknowledgement that it is not only straight men who like a pint and that not all beer drinkers are homophobic, misogynistic geezers. (Some of them are even women!) “For too long beer advertising has been peddling outdated ideas of the male beer drinker and their views” says the campaign’s creative director Matt Waller of the ad agency Recipe.

The alliance will see central London plastered in ‘gay beer ads’ with staff at Fuller’s pubs on the route sporting themed T shirts, with pubs like the Iron Duke and the Jack Horner decked out with Pride Loves Pride themed keg lenses and colourful beer mats.

As of this month we are delighted to tell you that Fuller’s is also sponsoring The Chiswick Calendar. ‘Calendar Ale’ … now there’s a thought.