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From Berlin to Bernstein

By Bridget Osborne

From Berlin to Bernstein 12 June 2018

When internationally known violinist David Juritz announced the programme of music he would be playing for this year’s Bedford Park Festival he said it would be a selection of cabaret music from Berlin to Bernstein. He actually meant a geographical selection featuring music from the German capital city and New York, but after a number of people had come up to him and told him how much they loved Isaiah Berlin and what a good choice that was he had to do a hasty rethink. A few urgent phone calls to his fellow musicians and new music was called for.

It’s not the only time he’s had to make last minute compromises. He once went on stage and played with a broken finger. David Juritz talked to me about his illustrious career which started with the English Chamber Orchestra, continued with the London Mozart Players and led to him touring the world as a solo violinist. He illustrates some of his favourite pieces, his passion for tango and gives us a taste of what he and his friends will be playing for the Festival on Monday 18th June. To book tickets go here.

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