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Chiswick Through the Camera Lens

By Bridget Osborne

Chiswick Through the Camera Lens 24 April 2018

Our exhibition of work by eight photographers who live in Chiswick continues until the end of this week at the Clayton Hotel, Chiswick. If you haven’t already been to see it and would like to, it’s in the hotel atrium, so you can pop in any time. It will be coming down next Saturday, 28th April.

Dancer in Chiswick High Rd – Jevan Chowdhury

This photograph by Jevan Chowdhury is the one which has caused most comment, mostly about the dancer’s welfare. Did he survive the photograph or did he crash headlong into the bus? Jevan tells me no ballet dancers or pedestrians were hurt in the taking of this picture. It looks as if he’s hurtling forward on a collision course with the bus, but the picture is deceptive, in fact he leapt straight upwards from a push-up on the ground by kicking his legs up and landed just as neatly, quite unhurt.

Old Father Thames, The Whale – Julia Fullerton-Batten

Julia Fullerton-Batten’s picture of a whale beached at Strand on the Green has also had locals scratching their heads. The stranded mammal is part of her Old Father Thames project, which will be the subject of a solo exhibition in London in the autumn.

Julia’s pictures are all about the story. She works on projects for several years at a time producing a portfolio of work on a particular theme. Past series include erotic entertainers, domestic servants and feral children, Her images are often moving, shocking, thought provoking, challenging, full of pathos and tension.

You can see a profile of Julia and her work in the This Is Chiswick section of our website.

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