Chiswick Pier

Fireworks Cruise

Saturday 10 November 2018

The Pier, Corney Reach Way, London, W4 2UG is at Corney Reach by the complex of modern houses and apartments between Duke’s Meadows and Chiswick Mall, accessible from the A316 Burlington Lane by Grantham Rd, at the end of the E3 bus route.

Every year Chiswick Pier Trust runs a Fireworks Cruise from Chiswick Pier to see the Lord Mayor’s Fireworks. In 1215 King John issued a Royal Charter allowing the City of London to elect its own Mayor every year. He made the condition that each year the newly elected Mayor must travel upriver to the small town of Westminster and swear loyalty to the Crown. The Lord Mayor has now made that journey for over 800 years, despite plagues and fires and wars.

Every year, the Lord Mayor’s Day is a magnificent spectacle starting with a river pageant – a flotilla of traditional Thames barges and small boats accompanying the Lord Mayor to Westminster. Then there is a procession with thousands of participants: bands, horses, carriages, carts, coaches and other vehicles including vintage cars, steam buses, tanks, tractors, ambulances, fire engines, unicycles, steamrollers, giant robots, helicopters, ships, penny farthings, beds and bathtubs.

The grand finale to the day is the fireworks, lit from a launchpad floating in the river between Blackfriars and Waterloo. The roads are closed, the shores are packed. The best view of this fantastic display is from the river, where you also have the luxury of a seat, a loo and food and drink on hand. What better way to enjoy the Lord Mayor’s Fireworks than on the Chiswick Pier Trust Cruise?

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