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Bedford Park Festival Photography Competition

The Chiswick Calendar’s photographers Anna Kunst and Jon Perry cleaned up in the Bedford Park Festival Photography Exhibition and Competition, along with Jon’s partner Catherine Day.

Bedford Park Festival Photography Competition 12 June 2018

Anna won the overall prize for best photograph, selected by renowned Jazz photographer Tim Motion with her picture of a couple embracing, frozen in a moment in time on the Millennium bridge, (with Anna yelling ‘Freeze’ repeatedly until she got the right shot) and passersby a blur of movement around them. She also won the Animals category with her picture of a shaggy cow in Scotland and the Reflections category with her image of Amsterdam. Catherine, whose photographs won two categories and were chosen as runner up in two, had the single most votes from the public for her photograph ‘A Riverside Drink’, the winner in the Chiswick and Bedford Park Life section. Jon won the Places category, with his photograph of the high rise buildings of east London taken from Richmond Park with the spectacular supermoon in January. His picture of Fr Kevin Morris, vicar of St Michel & All Angels Church in his trademark straw hat, was runner up in the Chiswick Life section.

These were the winners in all the categories:

Chiswick and Bedford Park life
Winner Catherine Day
Runner up Jon Perry

People and portraits
Winner Christine Bradshaw
Runner up Stuart Carter

Winner Anna Kunst
Runner up Christine Gibb

Rural places
Winner Keith Porrit
Runner up Catherine Day

Winner Jon Perry

Plants, trees and flowers
Winner Catherine Day
Runner up Catherine Day

Winner Lawrence Brooks
Runner up Christine Bradshaw

Off the wall
Winner Michelle Ann Kalish
Runner up Anna Kunst

Winner Anna Kunst
Runner up Louis de Montfort

Winner Onno Van Kampen Brooks
Runner up Marnix Van Kampen Brooks
Special prize Scarlet Flower