Bernard Burke

About Bernard Burke

Bernard is a retired architect “with a wife, five children and five grand children all worth a mention” he says!

He has always lived in London but has excellent childhood memories from holidays in the country. He has taken photographs since his early teens, and took up photography more seriously when he started studying architecture. As you would expect as an architect, he has photographed lots of architecture, but has also taken many photographs of his children, grandchildren and of Mother Nature – trees, water, leaves, flowers, mountains.

About 18 months after he stopped working as an architect, he decided to start painting – he bought some canvases, some paints and some palette knives and painted. His first painting took him a day to paint and is one of the paintings he sold during the Artists at Home weekend, a well established weekend of open studios which takes place in Chiswick, Hammersmith and Shepherd’s Bush every June.  He uses his photography as inspiration for his painting and he is particularly interested in colour, texture and pattern both seen in nature and in the built environment. He has paintings inspired by the glaciers in the Canadian Rockies and in Alaska, the north Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean.

Bernard will be showing his work at the Hogarth Club in January 2019, from 6 January for two weeks. He will also be exhibiting in the Belgian town of Huy in October 2019.

If you would like to buy any of Bernard’s work, please contact him direct

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