20% off IT services from Fingertips

Fingertips is an IT department for your home. They will help you fix your computer, connect up your home and sort out all your music, photos and files.

From beginner’s lessons on your computer to streaming movies from your own cloud, they can show you how easy and how much fun today’s technology can be.

There is a team of Tipsters who are patient and friendly, and knowledgeable in all areas of home technology. They’ll come to your home and show you how to get the most out of your computer and the Internet.

Fingertips can also scan in old photos and videos to create digital files that won’t fade or get crumpled, and then help you make books or calendars to share with friends and family.

To get in touch, call Catherine on 020 8994 7773 or email info@fingertipslondon.com.

Quote ‘Chiswick Calendar’ to get 20% off the cost of your first visit, or your first batch of photo scanning.

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