20% off fireworks from Devco in Fauconberg Rd

Chiswick has its very own firework manufacturer.  Bhikhu and Manjula Shah started out in business running a grocery shop in Fauconberg Rd, just selling a few fireworks for 5th November; then they began buying and selling wholesale. For the past twenty years they have had their own brand, Devco, designing their own fireworks which are manufactured in China. Most of their business is wholesale, but with their son Jinal they still sell their fireworks locally in the shop in Fauconberg Rd and give advice on how best to plan your display.

Devco is offering holders of The Chiswick Calendar Club Card 20% off fireworks. Ring Manjula on 0208 994 0714 to make an appointment to meet at the shop at 8 Fauconberg Rd, Chiswick  W4 3JY to choose what suits both your pocket and the size of the display for your occasion.

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